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Celtics, Rockets Close in on Omer Asik Trade -- Sixers May Be Out

Woj reporting, must be legit.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Gonna make this quick before more news breaks. It looks like the Sixers are out of the running in an Omer Asik trade because the Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets may have come to an agreement on a two-team deal. Though Portland had come up in previous conversations, as well as the Lakers, Woj tells us it's the Celtics with the hottest rod.

-- Proposed trade is for Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee, and a first-round pick.

-- The two teams are still haggling over which first-rounder Boston will relinquish. They've got a bunch. Bastards.

-- It's just a two-teamer. Sixers not involved in proposed iteration.

We'll have more about it once something official is down, but for now, it looks like Sam Hinkie pulled out or was bested by a stronger offer -- I'm sure the draft pick helped things.

Also, there's other irons in other fires the Sixers have in their floo network so stay off the ledge, we're good.

More to come.

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