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Power Rankings: The Coldest Winter

The weather is bitter but the Sixers are even colder. This could be the "Coldest Winter". Hit it, 'Ye.

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There's nothing to smile about here, Michael.
There's nothing to smile about here, Michael.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There are no longer ways to put the Sixers play of late into words. Losers of their last 7, the team has been beaten to a pulp night in and night out.

To express my feelings, I will read an excerpt from "Coldest Winter" by Kanye Omari West. Lights, please.

"Memories made in the coldest winter,

Winter, winter

Goodbye my friend will I ever love again

Goodbye my friend will I ever love again

Goodbye my friend will I ever love again

Goodbye my friend will I ever love again

If spring can take the snow away

(If spring can take the snow away)

Can it melt away all our mistakes

(Can it melt away all our mistakes)

Memories made in the coldest winter

Goodbye my friend I won't ever love again

Never again."

Onto the rankings...

The crew over at USA Today were the only ones to show the Sixers any sort of mercy this week, as they ranked them 27th, dropping four spots from last week. They also very kindly decided to remind us of the Sixers 3-0 start, which I'm now convinced didn't actually happen.

This week's lucky number? 29. The rest of the regulars on our weekly power rankings roundup all decided the Sixers were the second worst team in the NBA, only above the Milwaukee Bucks. No argument here.

Courtesy of SBN's Jason Patt:

The Sixers creep closer and closer to the spot many people figured they'd populate for much of the year. Philadelphia has lost six games in a row and gave up a whopping 139 spot to Portland over the weekend.

Hopefully he didn't catch Monday's 130 point performance from Brooklyn.

ESPN's Marc Stein rightfully so takes a shot at Philly's defense:

It took a while, but the Sixers we all expected have arrived. They're in a 2-14 freefall after the Cinderella start and haven't been the least bit competitive (1-9) when Michael Carter-Williams isn't able to dress. Philly's D is so porous that No. 30 surely beckons if MCW doesn't get back soon.'s John Schuhmann shivers at the thought of this team minus Spencer Hawes, Thaddeus Young, and Evan Turner:

The Sixers' defense has been pretty terrible and they've lost six straight games overall, seven straight against the Western Conference, nine straight without Michael-Carter Williams, 10 straight on the road, and 15 straight games that have been decided in regulation. That's a lot of losing. Just imagine how things might go if they trade Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner or Thaddeus Young.

Only time will tell, especially with the way these Omer Asik talks are heading.'s Matt Moore thinks a probable concussion set the Sixers straight:

They must have walked by a mirror and as a team said "Oh, hey, that's right. I remember. We're terrible. Tank on!"

Marc Spears of Yahoo!dropped the Sixers four spots this week after spending the prior seven days at 25.

Michael Carter-Williams is still hurt, and trades are looming. Is it possible for the Sixers to rank 31st next week?

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