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Updates on Dion Waiters, Omer Asik

Sources close to have provided updates on possible deals involving Omer Asik and Dion Waiters.


There is finally some concrete movement on the Sixers trade front. News regarding a possible Omer Asik trade has been in the news for the past week, but rumors of an acquisition of shooting guard Dion Waiters from the Cleveland Cavaliers surfaced today.

A source has provided Liberty Ballers with an update on both trade fronts:

  • There is a "zero percent" chance the Sixers will acquire Waiters. The 22 year-old Philadelphia native is averaging 14.4 a game for the Cavaliers, but does not and has never looked likely.

  • The Omer Asik situation has been described as "fluid", but a resolution seems near. Currently, Houston has "5-6" offers on the table for the Turkish big man. Houston has been seeking out a first round pick as part of any deal for Asik.

  • The Sixers has been involved in one possible scenario, a deal which would involve Houston, Philadelphia, and a third team. Within that possible three team trade there are three scenarios, one in which the Sixers do end up with Asik.

  • Within that three team trade being discussed, Boston is not currently involved.

  • Currently, the deal at the forefront of the Asik negotiations is a two team deal not involving Philadelphia, and sources have indicated he is likely to end up somewhere other than the Sixers.

My personal take: There are an insane amount of moving parts here, and Houston is going to continue to work the phones until the last possible moment here. Do I think Omer Asik will end up in Philadelphia? At the moment, no. Do I think the Sixers will be involved in the deal in some capacity? Absolutely.

Buckle up. It's going to be a wild 48 hours.

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