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Dion Waiters Wants Out of Cleveland, Sixers and Bulls Top Targets

The rumors! THE RUMORS!

my thoughts exactly.
my thoughts exactly.

Although this could feasibly be linked with the Omer Asik trade rumors, let's put the big Turk on the back burner and rehash some old feelings about Dion Waiters. The second-year guard reportedly wants out of Cleveland and, per Jared Zwerling, his top two choices are the Sixers and the Bulls.

It reads a bit unclear as to whether or not the Sixers have reciprocated that interest, (which seems important, no?) but I certainly buy a number of the details. Zwerling's source close to Dion tells him he prefers Philadelphia because "he thinks he'd be the best player on the team. That's his mindset." Oh.

He'd be just a peach in a pissing contest with Evan Turner-- hey, speaking of Evan Turner!

A source close to Turner believes the Sixers "love" the fourth-year shooting guard, but warned that the organization has "one of the most secretive front offices," so it's hard to tell what they're planning to do with him.

Yeah. Sure. Evan's brother, whose name just has to be Marcus, thinks the front office loves him. Cool. Even though everything Evan has said makes it obvious that he believes the Sixers don't want him and "Sam Hinkie is not my GM." Okay!

Bulls would be sad/hilarious though.

There's such a hysterical amount of speculation and sources close to sources who are familiar with sources who passed a source on the street one time and shared a cup of source with the source at a local coffee source. What I believe is 1) Dion wants out, 2) He'd like to play for the Sixers, and 3) Zwerling has gotten absolutely zero indication that the Sixers are interested or even aware of the existence of Dion Waiters.

Waiters is derivative with, and far less enjoyable than, Tony Wroten. Both guys are ball-dominant 6th man types on rookie salaries. I'd prefer to keep WROT for the defense and the hilarity. Waiters is just a bummer.

Also: 'According to a source familiar with the Sixers' front office, "They are cheap for everyone."' Love this era.

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