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Win a Sixers Retro T-Shirt from Million Dollar Ballers

Us Ballers gotta stick together.

Million Dollar Ballers

Because what everybody in your family and extended family wants for the holidays is Sixers gear, Liberty Ballers has struck a nice deal for you folks to pick up some free t-shirts from a lovely place called Million Dollar Ballers. They've got a ton of really cool stuff (I'm partial to the Kareem one) and the one we've got for you is the Dr. J shirt you see above.

Here's the deal. The Sixers play the Nets tonight in Brooklyn. We've got two large t-shirts to give away. I would like you to have them because I think you're all swell people. But only the swellest will win, so here is how:

Comment in this thread with answers to these questions:

1. How many points will the Sixers score?

2. How many shots will Evan Turner miss?

Tie-breaker: Will the Sixers attempt an alley-oop to Brandon Davies?

Pretty rad. So get to it and let's have some good clean, cotton fun.

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