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NBA Trade Rumors: December 15th Upon Us

Cancel your plans.

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Today is December 15th. That means nothing significant to 99.99% of people in the world, unless it's their birthdays. The very small percentage of humans who have earmarked today on their calendars are the most extremist of NBA fans. For today is the day that players signed this offseason become eligible to be traded.

We've written about it pretty endlessly:

Spencer Hawes - Trade Asset
Thaddeus Young - Trade Asset
Evan Turner - Trade Asset
Omer Asik Rumor
Tanking Rankings
First Round Pick Shortage

This matters to our Sam Hinkie. Just as important is December 19th -- the date a player has to be acquired by if he is to be permitted to be traded at the trade deadline. Anyone acquired after has to ride the season out with that team. So if Hinkie acquires Asik between today and Thursday, don't discount the reasoning for said trade.

We'll update with new Sixers rumors when they come along, but this is your open thread for all things December 15th. Go wild with trade machine. Oh and here's the most useful link for who owes who draft picks. Also, tell me what you're having for dinner because dinner and trades are equally important.

Ellie Goulding, duders. Anything could happen.

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