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Sixers at Raptors Immediate Reaction Thread: So Close Yet No Cigar

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The Sixers made a valiant comeback effort in the fourth quarter, but ultimately could not escape the Air Canada Center with a victory over the Toronto Raptors.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Kyle Lowry is still a member of the Toronto Raptors. But the former Villanova point guard was more of an afterthought in the Toronto Raptors' 108-100 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers Friday night.

DeMar DeRozan had 27 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds, Terrence Ross had 24 points and 5 rebounds to go along with Amir Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas and Greivis Vasquez all scoring in double-figures as well.

As a team, Toronto's offense was clicking on all cylinders from the moment the ball was tipped up for the jump. The Raps shot 47.6 percent from the field while draining 40 percent (10-25) of their attempts from three-point land.

Overall, it was a tanktastic night. Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes and Thaddeus Young all played like All-Star snubs and tradable assets and the Sixers came away with a hard-fought loss. Anything else that happened you can discuss below...