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Sixers at Raptors Game Thread: Tanking Above The Border

The Sixers play the Raptors tonight, a battle between two teams that are clearly looking more towards the future than at this current season. Will this game have more than 100 viewers?

Oh, Johnny.
Oh, Johnny.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Masai Ujiri called up James Dolan and the New York Knicks and nearly "bamboozled" the Sixers' Atlantic Division rival for the third time in two and a half years. And while trade talks surrounding Kyle Lowry have quieted down, the Toronto GM and Sam Hinkie are two of the young, bright front office leaders across the league that are using analytics and forward thinking to help rebuild their franchises.

But on the court, this game is a lot less exciting than both of these two teams' respective futures. Michael Carter-Williams is out yet again. The Raptors are going to likely play John Salmons some big minutes and Lavoy Allen is going to be on the court. Talk about a snooze fest.

If you have any other potential plans for your Friday night, I suggest you explore those options. If not, feel free to comment and interact below...

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