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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: My December

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, a member of the LB staff gets his Guy Fieri on, Allen Iverson hangs out with Gumby, and we look back at one of the worst ideas of the Adam Aron era.

Spencer Hawes is no longer wearing a suit these days, but he still hates liberals.
Spencer Hawes is no longer wearing a suit these days, but he still hates liberals.

Never change, Spence.

Here's the story: Last Monday, President Obama stopped by Magic Johnson's house during a fundraising tour out West. During the event, the President noted that he was a 76ers' fan growing up (which makes sense since Obama - a devout Bulls' fan - didn't move to Chicago until about 1985 or so).

Of course, our favorite center took the opportunity to voice his opinion on the matter because... Spence. There may or may not have been a corresponding donation to the Chris Christie PAC following Hawes's tweet.


Can anyone tell me what this is? I appreciate Levin's realization that Liberty Ballers will soon be a full-time food/music blog if/when we don't wind up with Messrs. Wiggins, Parker or Randle, but I have no idea what this is. I assume that it's squash - the food item which happens to be dead last on the Thanksgiving power rankings. And you wonder why Spencer Hawes said "I'M GOOD, BRO" when he was asked to hang out at Basketball Apartment.

(Speaking of Thanksgiving food power rankings, does anyone else think that turkey is overrated?)


I bought tickets to the Jan. 25 Oklahoma City game about a month ago, and I received no fewer than three calls from the Sixers' sales staff, none of which I bothered to return. I'm now kicking myself for not doing so, because I missed the chance on being upsold to a package that includes the guarantee of an ALLEN IVERSON GUMBY FIGURINE.

All things considered, it's not a bad package. You'll get the see the beta version of Jabari Parker when 'Melo and the Knicks come to town, the Thunder have the best player in the world not named LeBron James, Kobe should be back in uniform when the Lakers visit, and March 1 is the night of Allen Iverson's jersey retirement. That also happens to be the night when Michael Baumann and I cry true warrior thug tears when we see No. 3 lifted to the rafters.


Consider this a plea for Dave Rueter to pen a "Remember That Guy: Mustache Edition" next November.


Always relevant.


Speaking of things that are always relevant, I had a stray thought earlier this week that once upon a time (read: nine months ago), the Philadelphia 76ers had an official drum corps. Michael Levin took about 600 or so words to single-handedly banish the Drumstix to a Mike Tyson-approved "bolivian", and I've never been prouder to be a member of the LB team than I was that day.

In case you were wondering, the leader of the Drumstix (George "Spanky" McCurdy) is off doing bigger and better things. That is, if you consider drumming for Lady Gaga and Kermit the Frog "bigger and better things."


Missing you, Swaggy.

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