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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: The Undefeated Edition

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown have a meeting of the minds, Allen Iverson returns to Philly, and the Sevens draft a crime-stopping point guard.

These are the two most popular men in Philadelphia right now.
These are the two most popular men in Philadelphia right now.

The tweet above references a thing that actually happened in real life. The following is a conversation that may or may not have happened in real life:



(SAM HINKIE sits behind a regal cherry wood desk, surrounded by analytics books and piles of binders filled with SportVU data. He's busy working on his computer when a door opens and BRETT BROWN enters the room.)

BROWN: Sam? I heard that you wanted to see me?

HINKIE: Yes... (gestures toward empty chair) Please have a seat.

BROWN: I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about all of this winning...

HINKIE (raises hand to cut Brown off): No need to apologize, Brett. You're doing a fine job.

BROWN: Excuse me?

HINKIE: You're doing a fine job. There's nothing wrong with being 3-0.

BROWN: I thought you said that this is year was going to be a challenge?

HINKIE: I did say that. And it is going to be a challenge. But everything is working out perfectly so far. Think about it: How can we be accused of tanking when we started out the season with wins over Miami and Chicago?

BROWN (nodding): I see your point.

HINKIE: And now, we're selling tickets, merchandise is flying off of the shelves, and all of that makes Josh Harris happy, and that's always a good thing. By the way (gestures towards computer monitor), have you ever listened to the Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast? It's pretty funny stuff.

BROWN: Podcast? I don't turn on the radio all that much.

HINKIE: It's not actually on the... never mind. Anyway, don't worry about wins and losses right now. Everything will work itself out over time - it's just like playing blackjack.

BROWN (stands up to leave): By the way, what's the word on that Joe Alexander? Is he coming in for a workout this week?

HINKIE: Alexander? Oh, no... I just threw that out there to shake things up a bit. But we are thinking about making a move for Jimmer Fredette - I'll let you know if anything happens on that front.


Semi-believable dialogue to accompany the Instagram photo above:

IVERSON (while talking on the phone): "What's good? (pause) Thank you... thank you. Yeah, it feels good to be back in Philly, this is like my second home... Yeah, I'm here in the suite with Preston, Michael Preston. The PR guy, yeah. I think he wants me to do some interviews or something, I don't know. But yeah... I'm trying to watch Sportscenter, but he keeps turning to MTV to watch 'Catfish'! (pause) I know, right? Yeah... it's funny to me, too. It's funny to me, too."


Nerlens Noel hasn't even appeared in an NBA game yet, and he's already trying to pick off former Sixers. At least he isn't giving inappropriate birthday shout-outs to people who are no longer with us.

Rest assured, not only is Iverson alive, but he's in the middle of a whirlwind Reebok promotional tour that found him at that Barclays Center on Friday. And from the look on his face, he was absolutely thrilled to be there:


Are we here at Liberty Ballers overly excited about a group of players who may never make it to the NBA? Probably. But any time the Sevens are linked to a few players that we've actually heard of, the excitement level around these parts rises at an exponential rate.

Jake Fischer wrote some words about the draft that you should read at your leisure, and you should take a few moments to browse YouTube and check out clips of the Sevens' third-round draft pick Aquille Carr. Sure he's only 5'6", but he single-handedly stopped crime in East Baltimore. He's like the basketball version of Bunny Colvin.

In all seriousness, the Delaware 87ers should be fun to watch this season - go check them out if you have a chance. By the way, if you look hard enough at this photo, you may even spot someone familiar.


Three thoughts:

1) Samantha Stevenson wasn't Erving's wife, but rather, his mistress.
2) I hate it when that happens.
3) Would it be inappropriate for Invisalign to use this story in their marketing material going forward? Just curious.