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Sixers-Magic Recap: Things To Be Thankful For

The Sixers didn't win last night, but that's irrelevant. I have a lot of feelings, instead.

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It's now officially Thanksgiving, and while I can talk about last night's game in depth and breakdown positives and negatives, I'm more looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying the holiday. Instead, I'm going to spew out thanks, because this is the season for doing so.

First, I'm thankful for the NBA in general. When the Sixers were unbearable to watch, I could still fall in love with the game with the amount of entertainment the league provided as a whole.

I'm thankful for Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown, who have made my Sixers fandom a thousand times better since being hired, and will hopefully continue on doing this.

I'm thankful for Michael Carter-Williams, who has more than done his part so far to make up for the loss of Jrue Holiday. Losing Jrue was kind of devastating for me: on one hand, I knew Hinkie made a terrific decision to deal Jrue. But on the other - losing Jrue felt like losing a brother. MCW makes the loss easier, especially when he comes back to town on Friday. On what may have been an off night for MCW, he still provided 23 points and showed off his improved shooting. I'm also thankful for his primary counterpart, Victor Oladipo, for the highlight reel plays and the potential for them. Despite the Sixers losing, these silver linings make the games enjoyable for me. The two rookies did not disappoint.

I'm thankful for Nikola Vucevic. Sure, maybe we'd have liked to keep him instead of dealing with in the Andrew Bynum deal. Conversely, had we kept him, we probably would still have Doug Collins as this team's head coach, no direction, and no hope.

I'm very thankful that Doug Collins and company are gone.

I'm thankful for Thaddeus Young, who returned from taking time off for a personal tragedy for the first time last night. His statline - 26 points on 15 shots in 28 minutes - looks good. So did his shooting stroke from everywhere but the free throw line. But ultimately, I'm more thankful that he's in my life, always working hard, and that the team gave him as much time as he needed to come back.

I'm thankful for not being the Knicks.

I'm even thankful for Spencer Hawes, previously my mortal enemy, who has made this year more wildly entertaining than it had any business being. He missed last night's game with knee soreness.

I'm definitely thankful for Tony Wroten, for being Tony Wroten. Sadly, he's also still out with an injury.

I'm thankful for Kevin Johnson and the Sixers medical staff, for working to get these guys ready to play again.

I'm thankful for the Liberty Ballers staff: for the Jakes young and younger, for Mike and Mike, for Tanner, Dave, Roy, Derek, Rich, Brandon, and Justin, who let me write stupid things like this on a site I share with them.

I'm thankful Nerlens Noel, and hope.

I'm thankful for the young players who are taking advantage of an opportunity in Philadelphia they may not have gotten anywhere else. Where else could James Anderson score 36 points in a game? Where else could Hollis Thompson, Brandon Davies, or Daniel Orton received this much playing time? But they've competed and earned their shots, and at times show flashes of talent. I'm happy for them. Orton started again, Davies spent the entire night fighting for space against players larger than him, and Thompson continues to impress with solid shooting. He even had a nifty aerial back-handed pass which resulted in an easy Sixers basket.

I'm thankful for Evan Turner, who looked about as settled and effective as I can imagine him being last night, finishing with an efficient 17 points, neared a triple double, and just looked the part of a good NBA player. I'm not thankful for Bad Evan, however. Except when we need to lose. Then he's okay.

Finally, I'm thankful to you, the readers who read through my thanking everyone and not writing a real recap instead. And thanks, of course, for reading my real posts too. Enjoy the day!