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After Cutting Kwame, Sixers Sign Elliot Williams and Lorenzo Brown

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At least we get to keep our Brown Quota in tact.


Well, we didn't get Hinkie'd. Maybe Hinkie slow-played, but not the straight-to-the-mouth Hinkieing that we've come to expect since the Space Jam Basketball Jones Gods graced us with Samuel Clemens Hinkie half a year ago. Kwame Brown and Darius Morris were cut, and not even an hour later, we have their replacements -- Elliot Williams and Lorenzo Brown.

Elliot played a year at Duke and a year at Memphis before turning pro and being drafted 22nd overall by Portland in 2010. Like all people who get drafted by Portland, he immediately got hurt. He only played 24 games for the Blazers before being released. The Cavs gave him a shot but never broke through. Fear The Sword's Sam Vecenie has lots more on the sad first few years of his career. He's also left-handed, so I am sold.

But also, this dunk:

If he can get his knees right, he could be a thing.

Lorenzo Brown played on some highly underwhelming NC State teams before dipping out his junior year and going late in the second round to Minnesota last June. He's a lanky point guard with smooth playmaking abilities and a shaky jumper. WAIT A SECOND. Seems there's a trend.

Hinkie we trust.

Both of these players have more upside than Kwame and Morris, but don't expect much out of them. Love taking a flyer on Williams because he's got a ton of talent if he can be healthy. At least we'll see plenty more Tony Wroten in the meantime. Looking forward to seeing how this works out for the Sixers and also the Sevens, who should definitely benefit from a send-down or two from these fellas.

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