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Sixers Waive Kwame Brown, Darius Morris

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This is the most important day in the history of this blog.


Kwame Brown is no longer a Philadelphia 76er on paper, but he'll always be one in our hearts. Sam Hinkie has decided that enough is enough, and Kwame has been waived along with Darius Morris.

There must be some corresponding moves coming, because Morris was the team's primary backup point guard, and since Michael Carter-Williams has been sidelined, they're certainly not flush with depth back there. Ears open on that one. [Looking like Elliot Williams and Lorenzo Brown -- more later]

Kwame Brown has played exactly zero minutes this season. Estimates on how many candy plates he's consumed are still coming in. How they'll replace that kind of production, I just don't know. Show me the HEART button on your calculator, Sam Hinkie. Decent chance this is the last stop in the NBA train for the former #1 overall pick. If you get cut from THESE SIXERS, there can't be much hope for another opportunity.

Darius Morris, we all pretty much agreed, was ehhhhhhh-worthy as a backup point guard. He just seemed to dribble an awful lot. I suppose dribbling is important, but Darius just sorta did it without purpose. Aimless dribbling, like a blind vagrant, will not be tolerated in Hinkieville. Neither will scoring 20 points a game recently. Sorry, Darius.

We'll always have....uh.... it. We'll always have it.

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