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The 76ers Are 3-0. How Can We Explain This Madness?

SIXERS SIXERS SIXERS SIXERS SIXERS SIXERS SIXERS SIXERS! But seriously, there may be a way to explain how the red, white and blue misfits have turned the basketball world upside down.

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THE SIXERS ARE 3-0! But amidst this madness and blogging tomfoolery, somebody has to try and make sense of this all. So, let me pull my grandpa pants up past my belly button and attempt to analyze what the hell is happening in the Wells Fargo Center outside of Michael Carter-Williams morphing into Magic Johnson overnight.

"I feel like the most important thing we can do right now is put a huge premium on our health and on our fitness. We need to establish that part of a program. We need to implement a system of defense and then we need to implement a system of offense."

Those were the first goals in a process-minded plan of action that Brett Brown preached when he was introduced as the Sixers head coach in August.

During training camp, we learned about the wonders Brown’s fitness program worked on several players that had a reputation of being portly. Khalif Wyatt apparently dropped some 20 pounds from Summer League to the team’s first preseason game in Spain. Daniel Orton reportedly shed 9 pounds in just 3 days participating in Sixers practices.

Now in great shape, the Sixers are literally running teams out of the gym. They’ve done it to the Miami Heat, Washington Wizards and now the Chicago Bulls. They’re scoring 111.5 points per game. According to ESPN’s Hollinger Team statistics, the Sixers are third in the league in pace at 104.5 only behind the Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors.

Could combining their roster’s elite condition with that level of speed for a full 48 minutes be the true reason why the Sixers are undefeated thus far in 2013-14?

The 76ers’ second half numbers might make you nod your head. Overall, the Sixers have outscored their three opponents in the second half by 37 points, or 12.3 points per game. They have also scored a total 39 more points in the second half than they have in the first half, good for 13.0 points per game.

As the games go on, the Sixers are seemingly getting stronger, better and faster.

It could just be that the Sixers have a bunch of young legs that are all equally excited for their shot to make a name for themselves this season. But I think it’s because those youngins look like freaking greyhounds and that’s why they’re successfully defending the NBA Regular Season Championship belt night in and night out?

This anarchy might simply just be a product of Brett Brown’s insane fitness regime.

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