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If You're Mad About The Sixers Winning, Stop It


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I feel like this is partly my fault. I've been hyping losses since the Sam Hinkie hiring and the Jrue Holiday trade and this How To Watch These Sixers For A Full Year And Not Die article probably didn't help things.

The Sixers have somehow won their first two games. They've done it with good to great play from Michael Carter-Williams, Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes, Thaddeus Young, and Tony Wroten. The offense has been fast-paced and incredibly fun to watch. The defense is as chaotic as you could've hoped for. Brett Brown has coached the crap out of this team to a first-ballot Hall of Fame berth.

There's no Damien Wilkins. There's no Tony Battie. There's no Doug Collins. There's no reason for you to be upset about this.

It's November. You cannot be upset about wins in November. It's just too long to sustain over the course of a season. Most of you are new to the idea of embracing losses -- I've been doing it for four years. I know things. And I'm telling you, just like in a marathon, you can't burn yourself out too early. The tank can wait.

Now, if they lose games? Great. All for the greater good. There is no outcome to a Sixers game that should upset you. That's the beauty of this year. Zero expectations. Zero frustrations. All Zen. Getting worried about wins this early when the Sixers are doing it with a new coach who seems awesome, a new GM who is awesome (and most certainly pumped about the 2-0 start), and a polarizing rookie point guard who looks like he's the man -- that's a recipe for dry heaving into a bucket by the All-Star Break.

It's only two games. Losses will come. Undoubtedly. Rooting against MCW to hit shots isn't going to do anybody any good. Last year was a different story -- I actively hated the organizational philosophy and the coach and a number of the players the coach was playing. That's not the case now. It's all good stuff.

And even if the Brett Brown miraculously coaches this team to 35 wins, then that means Brett Brown coached THIS TEAM to 35 wins. And Sam Hinkie constructed a decentish team with the scrapped banana peels of other teams.

There is no outcome to this season that should upset you. That's the beauty of this year.

I may be even more confident in the future success of the franchise if they win that many games under this leadership. Going into the 2014 NBA Draft with the 7th and 9th picks would not be the worst thing in the world. Especially under Hinkie and Brown.

When Evan and Spencer and Thad (and Lavoy!) play good, winning basketball, it raises their trade stock. Hinkie won't be complacent. If he can find a move that will put the franchise in a better position, he'll do it.

And if everything in the world goes right and this team is actually decent this year? Maybe Hinkie's a buyer. Maybe he pulls something off like they did in Houston with James Harden. Rebuilding is not a straight line. We're in great hands. Don't freak out about things this quickly.

Odds are, the Sixers will still lose 60+ games. But whatever. We'll get there. For now, just ride the high of fun Sixers basketball for the first time in... forever?

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