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Game Thread: Philadelphia 76ers vs. Dallas Mavericks

Tonight's Sixers-Mavericks game thread seeks to remind you of your childhood and/or early adulthood. Remember these logos!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Game 12
November 18, 2013
American Airlines Center
8:30 PM
Probable Starters
Tony Wroten PG Jose Calderon
James Anderson SG Monta Ellis
Evan Turner SF Shawn Marion
Thaddeus Young PF Dirk Nowitzki
Spencer Hawes C Jae Crowder
2012/13 Advanced Stats
102.4 (2) Pace 100.7 (7)
99.2 (18) ORtg 106.1 (4)
105.5 (28) DRtg 102.7 (22)
Game Officials
Monty McCutchen
Leroy Richardson
Justin VanDuyne

For a preview of tonight's game, check out the Q&A between Doyle Rader and our very own Michael Baumann over at Mavs Moneyball.

Two days ago, the Sixers traveled to New Orleans to play (and lose to) old friend and former Sixer Jrue Holiday. Now the Sixers head to Dallas where the Sixers visit should of been Sixer Monta Ellis why didn't they trade Iggy for him look at all Monta's POINTZZZZZZZ* former Sixer Slammin' Sammy* D himself, Samuel Dalembert.

*Shoutout to Dweeb!

**This came up when I googled Slammin Sammy D. What on earth.................

Use the thread below to discuss tonight's game, reminisce fondly of past Sixers and should of been Sixers and Jose Calderon's time with the Raptors. 1 2 3 4 5 Losses! 10 9 8 76 Losses*!

*Still possible. Mathematically.