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Casual Friday Sixers Links: Korver? I Don't Even Know Her!

We'll bring the links, you bring the discussion. Casual Friday open thread discussion fun for everyone! In this week's edition of Casual Friday, Brett Brown film review, podcasts ahoy, Champions Classic scouting notes, and a Kwame Brown surprise.

Kwame proudly welcomes you to your haircut
Kwame proudly welcomes you to your haircut
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another edition of Casual Friday Sixers Links.


• Later tonight the Sixers take to the road to take on the Atlanta Hawks, now with former Sixer Kyle Korver. As a result, prepare for a steady diet of Korver puns today at LB.

• Missing you, Kyle Korver

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76ers Sunday Morning Shootaround: Back To Earth - Roy Burton

Going Deep: The Fast and the Curious - Sean O'Connor
Liberty Ballers: Now with 100% more Vin Diesel.

Brett Brown's After Timeout Voodoo Magic - Jake Pavorsky
Brett Brown is a Godsmack fan.

Hinkie's Acolytes: Tony Wroten and James Anderson Dominate Rockets - Michael Levin
After watching James Anderson Wednesday night, does Daryl Morey believe Sam Hinkie has gone hinky? MY COLUMN:

The "In Lieu of Jrue" NBA Draft Prospect Watch, Part Deux - Rich Hofmann
Profiling everything from the Champions Classic where Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, and Jabari Parker were all on display. A must read post for draft-invested Sixers fans.


Tank candidate or free agent destination?: a conversation with Liberty Ballers - Celtics Blog
Our very own Jake Pavorsky sat down wjsy of Celtics Blog for an interesting (?) comparison between the Sixers and the Celtics. But the best part lays in the comments section where one astute Celtics blog reader observes, "Kelly Olynyk can eventually bring what Kevin Love does with a little more athleticism."

Unexpected winning is fine, but long-term planning matters most - SB Nation
A fantastic piece that also serves as a reminder Jason Richardson is still a Sixer.

How on-court liberty has made Eric Bledsoe really expensive - SB Nation
Or, how the Suns' surprisingly winning ways may be more sustainable than the Sixers'.

Youngbloods: Rookie Power Rankings for 11/14/2013 - Sonics Rising
Michael Carter-Williams is #1 and my pre-draft man-crush on Steven Adams has become justified.

Film Review: How Brett Brown brings some Spurs to the Sixers -
All we need now is Brett Brown to put on display a transparent hatred of all in-game interviews.

November 14, 2013 SixersBeat - The Sixers Beat
Levin and Spike are not the only ones who occasionally dabble in the world of podcasting. Sixers Beat features LB's own Rich Hofmann and Derek Bodner, this time discussing the start of the season.

Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: The Trading Of Evan Turner -
Levin should get a life.


(That's right, folks. Everyone's favorite waste of space Sixer now gets an entire section devoted to him each and every Friday. What fun quagmires will Kwame get himself into this year? Will he ever see the court? Those questions and more will be answered here throughout the season!)

Meet Misguided Legislators - Philadelphia Public Record
Forget the political notes, click for the picture of Kwame Brown and Tony Wroten standing in a hair salon.


REMINDER - RULES OF THE THREAD: As long as you keep it clean (no cursing and please remember to comb your hair before threading) and respectful, it's fair game. It's your thread - use it as you see fit.

Now, discuss! Happy Friday!