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Sixers 123, Rockets 117: IMMEDIATE REACTION THREAD

In their second overtime game inside a week, the Sixers come away victorious against the James Harden-less Houston Rockets.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

James Anderson! Spencer Hawes putback dunk! Thaddeus Young weakside double team and a steal! Tony Wroten triple double! So many wonderful, beautiful things happened tonight!

It looked like it was about to get out of hand towards the end of the third quarter. The Rockets were catching fire, knocking down six triple in the third frame on their way to a double-digit lead with just twelve minutes left to play.

Nobody told them about these Sixers, though. Putting together a few stops, not allowing Dwight Howard to take over in the final quarter, Jeremy Lin going three-less at the end, and some missed free throws didn't allow the Rockets to put the nail in the coffin.

Capped off with a miracle three from the Rockets' trash James Anderson, the Sixers forced overtime and a miraculous Spencer tip-slam in Dwight's grill just about ended the hopes of the Rockets.

Tank deez nuts, kids. The Sixers still haven't been below .500 this season.