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Power Rankings: Sixers Tank In The Rank(s)

After a week on top of the world, the Sixers have come crashing back down to earth in many power rankings. We'll always have week one.

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You'd figure national media pundits would have some respect for a three time (THREE TIME!) NBA Championship Belt holder. In that case, you'd be incorrect.

The Sixers have done some serious falling in this week's power rankings, to all of our dismay. Let's go through them.

SBNation, the people who allow us to run our great site, put the Sixers at 14 this week after giving them the top spot last week. Thoughts from Jason Patt:

The Sixers came crashing back down to earth after their 3-0 start, although they nearly knocked off the Cleveland Cavaliers twice in a row. The defense has been bad, but Evan Turner continues to play like a man possessed, averaging 23.4 points so far in the young season.

Fair enough, Jason. However, it seems as though USA Today likes the Sixers much more than SBN does.

The USA Today gang ranked the Sixers 12th, down five spots from 7 last week. After bringing the league to its hands and knees and making them kiss the Sixers feet, I think seven was kind of low, but I suppose placing them at 12 evens things out. Here's what they had to say:

Do not write off Michael Carter-Williams as the next Oscar Robertson yet. Wait at least another week.

Marc Spears of was also kind enough to rank the Sixers at 12, officially dethroning them from the number one spot.

The Sixers' seat at the top didn't last long; their 1-3 record last week dropped them out of the top 10. The Sixers' schedule also doesn't get any easier with San Antonio and Houston visiting.

Yeah, can't say that matchup with San Antonio was a bright spot this season.

John Schumann of, who also made the popular choice of giving the Sixers #1 in last week's power rankings, have them just on the outside of the top 10 looking in. Here's why Schumann has them at 11:

As the Sixers make their inevitable slide down the standings, we go back to focusing on the development of their young players. That includes Evan Turner, who is a brand new player this season, mostly because he's getting to the basket more and finishing better when he gets there. His game-tying drive at the end of the first overtime on Saturday in Cleveland was a tough bucket.

Who showed the most love: Matt Moore of

Not only did Matt put the Sixers at #1 last week, but he's not yet willing to throw them out of the top 10. Moore says:

I honestly expected them to drop back to 30 in a week. Outside of the Wizards loss, this team remains incredibly competitive. Kudos to Brett Brown for getting a ragtag bunch to play to their utmost potential, together.

Kudos to you, Mr. Moore.

Who was the biggest hater: Marc Stein of

Stein placed the Sixers at 16 this week, but wasn't necessarily high on them when they started out 3-0 (he placed them at 10 last week). Here's what he had to say:

I knew No. 10 was too high last Monday, but the committee (of one) is human, too. Just got swept up in the moment like everyone else. As for your MCW update: Only two rookies have ever rung up 130 points and 50 assists in their first seven games. That would be MCW. And Oscar Robertson.

All that hatred, Mr. Stein, let it go.

So what say you? Who was the most fair this week? Where do the Sixers belong?

I live for your feedback.