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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Back To Earth

There wasn't much to speak of on the social media front for the Sixers this week. But we'll always have Evan Turner's headband.

The Evan Turner Struggle Headband is now available at the NBA Store or
The Evan Turner Struggle Headband is now available at the NBA Store or
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This kind of flew under the radar a bit, but a new #TeamWHOP video is out on the Internet streets. We watched so that you wouldn't have to...

0:00 - Michael Carter-Williams now gets production credit alongside Tony Wroten - I wonder what Khalif Wyatt and Vander Blue think about that.

0:19 - Team WHOP backstage at Powerhouse hoping to get a glimpse of a celebrity. Instead, they have to settle for Meek Mill.

0:22 - A brief one-second appearance by the GOAT himself, Allen Ezail Iverson.

0:49 - Carter-Williams showing off his soccer skills at an NBA Cares event. The kid is like a young Deuce Dempsey on the pitch.

2:06 - Extensive footage of Wroten and Carter-Williams from the Sixers' last preseason game. You know... the one the Sixers lost by 23. You probably want to skip this part.

4:11 - More Meek Mill clips from Powerhouse. When listing the "great artists" in attendance, Wroten drops the names of Yo Gotti and French Montana. I hope he was paid well to lie like that.

5:05 - Jadakiss (an actual great artist) gives Team WHOP an official shout-out. For a second there, it almost sounded as if he really knew who Tony Wroten was.

5:25 - The Heat game. We all know how this ends. This segment (with 2Chainz's "Yuck!" serving as the soundtrack) lasts for 4 minutes. I wonder if Wroten received the express written consent of the National Basketball Association for the use of so much game footage.

Overall: Nothing for nothing, the 2nd Team WHOP clip was a bit underwhelming. Most of the nine-plus minutes was backstage footage from Powerhouse and clips from games that were more than a week old. Here's hoping that the third film in the trilogy brings the luster back to the franchise.

(Just curious: Now that Team WHOP is two separate factions like nWo Black and White / nWo Red and Black, is it too much to ask for Wyatt and Blue to make their own weekly video?)


We aren't ones to typically tell you how to think, but you REALLY NEED TO BE EXCITED FOR THE DELAWARE SEVENS THIS SEASON. Here's a clip from 2012 of Aquille Carr in action during his high school days. And now that the 87ers have actually hired a coach, it's only a matter of time before Brett Brown's system takes the D-League by storm. Besides... even if the games aren't all that great, you can still crash on Bauser's couch afterwards.


In MCW's defense, most of those who get paid to write about music have given The Marshall Mathers LP 2 a solid thumbs-up. But when it comes to the fans themselves, Eminem's latest disc is a bit underwhelming.

There's no denying Em's talent, but chopping up the body of your ex-wife and dumping her in the ocean is so 1999. Em needs to write about cyberattacks or identity theft or something more relevant.


Roob doesn't get it. But then again, he's the same guy who wrote this last year, so...


The first picture shows the proper way to wear a headband. On Friday, Evan Turner decided... to do his own thing. Maybe he wanted to simulate wearing a yarmulke, or perhaps he merely wanted to do the anti-LeBron and show off his hairline. Either way, Turner finished with 22/10/5. I would like to formally submit a petition that ET wears his headband like this (and curse on a live microphone) every game.


Just copy-and-paste this tweet, folks - I have a feeling we'll be saying this quite a bit over the next 75 games.