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Preseason Game Thread: Sixers vs. Thunder

Jeremy Lamb!


The best thing about preseason is probably that you can root for the Sixers to win without any guilt. The standings don't matter, but wins are cool and will be rare during the season.

So it's rather unfortunate that they have to face off against the Thunder.

Because the Thunder are really, really good. Many have argued that they are the best team in the league when healthy, even over the two time defending champion Heat. They are still excellent without runaway bowling ball Russell Westbrook, who should be out for the first month of the season or so, because they have a top-2 NBA player on the roster who will just kill you. Kevin Durant is not nice.

But their bench is what you want to watch for, as the Thunder are in one of those "championship windows" that teams supposedly have, and they have young players that would be welcome additions to the Sixers franchise. You've seen speculation on trades including Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones, and others. Lamb got 31 minutes in the Thunder's first preseason game against Fenerbahce, and he figures to be a major part of the rotation this year. Begin your fawning now!

For more, here's a cool game preview from Liberty Ballers member Tom Hurley. Oh, and Khalif Wyatt will play today, per our man Keith Pompey, for those interested.

Game's on NBA TV.