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Preseason Game Thread: Sixers vs. Bilbao Basket

The Sixers are kicking off their Preseason euro trip, heading to Spain to take on Bilbao Basket Sunday afternoon.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

(Semi) real basketball is upon us! After making the trek across the pond earlier this week, the Sixers will be taking on Bilbao Basket in Spain. Tip off is at noon, and you'll be able to watch the game on NBATV.

According to Keith Pompey, Lavoy Allen will be kept out of today's contest with a lingering knee injury, but everyone else will be able to give it a go, including newly signed Gani Lawal. Lawal, a former star at Georgia Tech left a lucrative deal with Latvian club VEF Riga in order to chase a dream in the NBA.

Bilbao is led by Spanish national team player Alex Mumbru, as well as former Illinois State player Jackie Carmichael.

The thread is yours to use, so enjoy today's contest with all of us at Liberty Ballers.

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