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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Together We Build

In this week's edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, we follow the team as they make their way to Spain, debate the greatness of DMX, and Together We Build.

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Vander Blue's appreciation of DMX is admirable.
Vander Blue's appreciation of DMX is admirable.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to rip the 76ers these days. The team has a clear direction for the first time in years, Sam Hinkie stopped by the Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast earlier this week, and the marketing department even came up with a pretty decent tagline for this trainwreck of a season.

"Together We Build" is the slogan for the 2013-14 Sixers, and in the press release announcing the new campaign, the team likened its new vision to the mission that the Founding Fathers embraced back in 1776. Translation: We're going to be terrible for a while, but at least we're committed to the future like John Hancock and the rest of those guys were way back when.

Below are some of the slogan ideas that didn't make the cut:

  • #TogetherWeTank
  • #WinlessForWiggins
  • All Aboard The Tankonia Express
  • Passionate. Intense. Proud... The Sequel.
  • We Owe You One. And By "One", We Mean "The No. 1 Pick"

And here are some suggestions from the team's Facebook page:


Allen Iverson hasn't done anything of note in a Sixers' uniform since 2006, but he's still a cult figure in the minds of millions of Spanish basketball fans (and in my mind as well).

Ironically enough, 2006 was last the last time the Sixers played a game in Spain: FC Barcelona captured a 104-99 victory over the Blackshirts back on October 5 that year. Samuel Dalembert led the Sixers in scoring that evening, and that alone tells you all you need to know about that contest.

But I digress... Espana is crazy for the "Together We Build" movement - there's even an official 76ers' blog (titled "Los Sixers De Philadelphia") that will be covering today's events in Bilbao. Just one question: How do you say "tank" in Spanish?




The Bizkaia Arena is the "biggest multipurpose hall in Spain" according to Wikipedia, yet we've sullied it by hanging a picture of Kwame Brown from the rafters. I'm surprised that the Spanish government doesn't see this as a declaration of war.

I'll admit that I'm amazed by the fact that the Sixers found a picture of Brown actually playing basketball (and not holding a plate of food).


In this week's edition of "Vander Blue Attempts To Get Cut From The Team Via Twitter", the 21-year-old rookie floats the (somewhat) ridiculous notion that DMX is better than Andre 3000.

Not only is Three Stacks 1/2 of an Outkast duo that never made a bad album, but his guest features over the years ("International Players Anthem", "I Do", "Pink Matter") are the stuff of legend.

To be fair, DMX's discography is on par with just about all of his contemporaries, and while the term "classic" is thrown around far too much these days, you can put together a list of 15+ Dark Man X hits without having to think too hard.

It's a shame that Earl Simmons is now reduced to running through hotels naked in order to get attention.


Are we sure #TogetherWeTank wasn't the proper slogan for this season?