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24 Days: MCW's Diary

This 2013-14 Sixers season is sure to be one of equal struggle and comedy. To remember every moment of his adventurous rookie season, Michael Carter-Williams keeps a diary. Liberty Ballers has stumbled upon possession of his daily reflections.

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Tuesday, September 1: Training Camp

Training camp’s almost over and it’s been tough, man. Coach Brown really knows his shit and I’ve been trying to listen to all of his pointers and improve on them right away. But his accent is really tough to understand some times, and geeze we get it Tim Duncan calls it, "Bostralian."

Unfortunately, a lot of guys have gotten banged up. I’m not sure if Thad went for Darius’ nose on purpose—that’s what Kwame told me. But I’m going to take that and everything Kwame says with a grain of salt.

Also, I get Tony Wroten’s nickname is junkyard dog, but dude’s gotta stop growling in my ear as he runs back on defense. I've gotta hand it to him though, he sounds an awful lot like an actual dog.

My shot’s definitely getting better, Matt Carroll was a great influence. He told me to just relax and not close my eyes when I shoot, and I’m definitely seeing an improvement!

#1MoreDay #TogetherWeBuild

Thursday, September 3: Vamanos A España!

Seven hours might seem like a long time to fly, but man does time fly by when you’re having fun with a bunch of NBA players! We had these really cool seats that stretched back into a bed and a lot of us played cards. J-Rich wasn’t on the flight, but everyone said he’s the best at Go Fish. Also, Big Spence is apparently fluent in Spanish, so a lot of us were asking him how to say common phrases like player development, pick and roll, ball-hog and long-two. But for some reason, Evan Turner kept asking how to say swear words en Español.

We got into our dope hotel room just after dinner time and just chilled. A bunch of guys went to something called a tapas bar, but I just wanted to call it a night. Gotta rest up for practice tomorrow!

Saturday, September 5: Game Day Tomorrow!

It’s cool to get into practice now, and not have that pressure of training camp. I’m a big fan of the sweatshorts some guys rock. They’re comfy as hell! We’ve been working on a lot of fundamentals and Coach B has been saying I’m progressing, so I guess I’m doing something right! ET’s a funny guy, he keeps telling me he’s the starting point guardand I’m just gonna stand in the corner. I keep telling him, "SHOW ME DON’T TWEET ME!"

We also got a chance to work with some local kids as part of NBA Cares, that was a fun time. I’ve got a bunch of younger siblings, so I can relate to the kids pretty well, but I could tell some of the older players were struggling a bit. Some guys got really cocky and were trying to show off. The best was when Lavoy tried to run a three-point shooting clinic for the chicos (Spence taught me that)!

Well, tomorrow’s game day so I gotta get a good night sleep. We’ve gotta win this one for Royce!

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