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Casual Friday Sixers Links: Sam I Pod(cast)

We'll bring the links, you bring the discussion. Casual Friday open thread discussion fun for everyone! Michael Levin and Spike Eskin have a Hinkie-cast

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Welcome to another edition of Casual Friday Sixers Links.


• After three-and-a-half years weeks of Liberty Ballers authors moving around, adding responsibilities, subtracting responsibilities, and moving on to other endeavors, we are proud to announce that nothing has changed in the past week.

• Missing you, Poultry

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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Man vs. Food
Unfortunately this is not a script to a Kwame Brown biopic.

Countdown to Tanking: Liberty Ballers Style
Missed a Countdown post? Wish to re-live Sean taking us through Evan Turner's thought process? Check out all our pre-season Countdown posts here!

Sixers Media Day EXCLUSIVE
A season tickets holder got the opportunity to attend media day and successfully avoided confusing Hollis Thompson with Hollis Thomas.

Sixers Reportedly Eying Matt Carroll As Shooting Coach
Let's happily ignore the Notre Dame part of his schooling in favor of highlighting the Hatboro-Horsham part.

Sam Hinkie, Philanthropist: Sixers GM on the Rights to Ricky Sanchez Podcast
Sam Hinkie does not care about speaking to the fans. My column:


2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers preview - SB Nation
Featuring posts from Tom Ziller, Ricky O'Donnell, Mike Prada, Jason Patt, and some schmuck named Michael Levin.

The Philadelphia 76ers Are the Worst Team in the NBA - GrantlandNetwork YouTube
Come for Bill Simmons's and Jalen Rose's Spencer Hawes discussion, stay for the "Worst Team Ever?" debate.

Photo: Kwame Brown is huge in Spain- The 700 Level
Bilbao belongs on the list of World's Greatest City Names.

Philadelphia 76ers Launch New Marketing Campaign "TOGETHER WE BUILD" -
This may be the most transparent tank in the history of tanking and I bore witness to the 2013 Houston Astros! (that joke's for you, Jordo)

Will Tim Ohlbrecht Be Able to Stick With the Philadelphia 76ers? - Ridiculous Upside
Seeing as the Sixers are for this season a major league version of a D-League team, signs point to yes.

What to look for in an effective sports owner? - Broad Street Hoops
"None of this matters because Josh Harris purchased the New Jersey Devils this summer!" - a WIP caller, somewhere.


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Now, discuss! Happy Friday!