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Jrue Holiday, Pelican, Never Left the Sixers

We'll always miss you, Jrue.

Even though Michael Carter-Williams is the shiny new toy (MCW! MCW! MCW!) after his stellar debut in the win over the Miami Heat (HAHAHAHAHA), there's no amount of McDubs that can fill the hole left in my heart from the Fruity Pebbles-n'-lemonade eatin' Jrue Holiday. It's just a separate kind of love. And I'm glad Jrue still feels it too.

I suppose it's on behalf of the Sixers since they traded him to the Pelicans, wherein he may welcome the crowd? But no, he just misses us and will be an honorary Sixer forever. Hinkie'll scoop him back up when we're contenders. No doubt.

Jrue had a strong debut with the Pellies, though they lost to Indiana at home. 24/7/5 on 18 shots. Hope he has a splendid year because he is a nice boy and I want him and Anthony Davis to become best buds.

Don't Jrue.... forget about me.... don't don't don't don't... don't Jrue....

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