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The Official 2013-2014 Liberty Ballers Prediction Contest

The 2013-2014 Philadelphia 76ers campaign begins tomorrow. Correctly predict the futile results and win a prize!

You didn't predict me as MVP? Cmmon, son!
You didn't predict me as MVP? Cmmon, son!
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It begins tomorrow, kids. The Sixers begin their 2013-2014 season against two-time defending NBA Champion Miami Heat in what should be the NBA's game of the night. Okay, maybe I'm over-selling it but to us twelve Sixer die hards out there, it'll feel like home but with less Damien Wilkins who was evicted last night. No more parties after 11:00 PM, Damien, some people have to work in the morning.

There's been a lot of talk since that last season ended and it's time to put our money (figuratively) where our mouths are (literally - put money in your mouth) with the Liberty Ballers Prediction Contest. Now, many of you may be asking "Hey - dumbass, aren't you going to tell us who won last year's contest?" The answer to that, my friends, is that last season didn't happen. It was such a travesty on so many levels that it was impossible to have any of us even go back to tally those guesses. With imminent futility in the win column but limitless positivity on the player development end this season, the prospects of us actually totaling the scores is about 157% greater.

Soman319 is still owed a t-shirt from his victory two seasons ago, as soon as he lets us know what he wants. But like me with a Target gift card, he's taking his sweet time to spend it on something that he cannot live without. Spoiler alert, mine is for when Fast & Furious 6 comes out.

The prize this year will be of your choosing from three options. The first is, of course, a free t-shirt from the Liberty Ballers store. If that doesn't tickle your Elmo, the second option of a free Fireball shot from Dave Rueter (none for you Pavoratti) could be in your future. If for some reason that's not your idea of Nirvana, then Bauser21 will take you out on the town in Delaware with 87ers. The choice is yours. Don't mess up.

Ladies, the ten questions for the 2013-2014 Liberty Ballers Prediction Contest (you have until tip-off of the Sixers/Heat game tomorrow night to get your answers in the comments):

1) How many games will the 76ers win during the regular season?

2) How many times will the 76ers cover the spread during the regular season?

3) Who will be the first 76er traded? You can say "Nobody", but honestly... Hinkie.

4) Will Nerlens Noel see game action this season?

5) Who will lead the Sixers in scoring?

6) The Sixers will come away with the _____ pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

7) The Sixers' first win of the season will come against which team?

8) The longest losing streak the Sixers will endure this season will be how many games?

9) How many games will Michael Carter-Williams have 10 assists or more?

10) With the best front court in the entire NBA, who will lead the Sixers in rebounds per game? Minimum 41 games played.

In case of a tie or just for funsies, make your predictions on these 5 general NBA questions:

1) The NBA MVP will be _____ ?

2) Kobe Bryant will come back to the Lakers on what date?

3) Omer Asik will end the season on what team?

4) Which team will represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals?

5) Andrew Bynum will play in how many games this season?

If there's still a tie after these five tie-breakers, we'll draw rocks like we're on Survivor. I'm not talking those dirty rocks they find on the island and paint, either. I mean full fledged diamonds cuz that is most the ballin'est shit ever.