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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Tournament Edition

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, Lavoy Allen forgets to set the alarm on his iPhone, a former Sixer nearly wipes out on the Great Wall of China, and we take a look back at one of the greatest video games of all time.

Saturday wasn't one of the best days of Lavoy Allen's young life.
Saturday wasn't one of the best days of Lavoy Allen's young life.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports


Thankfully, our fearless leader Michael Levin jumped out of a plane recently and didn't die.

Props to any of you out there who have done this: Voluntarily exiting a moving vehicle from 18,000 feet is far above my level of testicular fortitude. The Cedar Point RipCord is the extent of my daredevil activities - I did this back in '99, but the video footage of the incident is more rare than the clip of Dave Rueter's sister on Double Dare.

The expression on Levin's face is priceless - the following were my initial reactions to the photo:

  • Maybe Damon Wayans, Jr. was right.
  • That skydiving instructor is doing something to Mike that may or may not merit a TV-MA rating.
  • If he's that excited by the prospect of tanking this season, just wait until he sees this video of Duke's Jabari Parker making love to the rim during Midnight Madness.


Missing you, Swaggy P.

(Note: Who knew that you could ride a toboggan down the Great Wall of China?)


Liberty Ballers' unofficial sister blog Los Sixers De Philadelphia told us the proper way to say "tank" in Spanish, but since we're a full-service Web site, here are additional translations in other languages:

  • Dutch: in een tank bewaren
  • German: tanken
  • Japanese: Tanku chozo
  • French: mettre en réservoir
  • Filipino: punuin ang tangke


[insert Allen Iverson-related pun here]

If you're going to oversleep and miss practice, you probably don't want to do it on the day that said practice is open to the public. Never change, Lavoy.

Brett Brown will discipline Allen, but with three of the team's bigs out indefinitely, it probably won't result in a marked decrease in playing time. In fact, to punish Allen properly, Brown would force him to play 35-plus minutes per night.

Lavoy may have missed practice, but he made it to the Wells Fargo Center in plenty of time to see Drake... cancel his concert after thousands of people had already paid $55 to park. Never change, Aubrey.


Tanner Steidel took this picture at Philadelphia's own Barcade yesterday. This, of course, led to a Saturday night spent poring over the NBA Jam Tournament Edition player rankings:

Name Speed 3PT Dunk Pass Power Steal Block Clutch
Shawn Bradley 7 3 9 6 5 7 9 1
Clarence Weatherspoon 5 6 6 2 8 3 8 2
Jeff Hornacek 6 8 0 7 3 4 4 6

A few thoughts:

  • Shawn Bradley had higher offensive and defensive ratings than both Weatherspoon and Hornacek. That 1993-94 Sixers team was bad, kids.
  • Weatherspoon, an undersized power forward, had a block rating of 8. OK.
  • Eddie Jones saw Bradley's 9 block rating, and did this to him a year later.
  • He was with the Warriors at the time, but Chris Webber had a 0 clutch rating. Props to the development team for factoring the outcome of the 2002 Western Conference Finals into a game that came out nearly a decade earlier.


The Sixers' rookies singing "Happy Birthday" to Mac Koshwal wasn't the most embarrassing moment of the Sixers' open practice on Saturday...