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Sixers Sign Daniel Orton, Waive Tim Ohlbrecht

And my Timmy O fandom has been shot out back with a two-barrel.


Maybe most impressive among all the traits of new GM Sam Hinkie is his unwillingness to be merely content. The Sixers have been at the maximum of 20 players for a few weeks, but that hasn't stopped him from making changes if there's a better option available. It happened with Gani Lawal and now -- Daniel Orton.

Orton was on that stud Kentucky team, looking good enough backing up DeMarcus Cousins to go pro after a freshman year where he only played 13 minutes per game. Orlando took him at the back end of the first round, then he found his way to Oklahoma City last year, where he played even less than his rookie year, spending most of his time in the D-League.

There's some definite projection left, but I wouldn't say I'm his biggest fan. It's another typical Hinkie move -- underperforming guy with upside that's been cast off prematurely. Another lottery ticket.

Leaving will be German Tim Ohlbrecht, he of the tattoo sleeve. Timmy O, we hardly knew ye.

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