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18 Days: Sixers Anagram Roster

Because NUMBERS aren't important.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers aren't going to be very good in 2013-2014. But what does that mean?

It means numbers don't matter. Throw out the scores. Heck, throw out the jersey numbers. That number you got from that girl at the bar last? Throw it out. Mr. Hinkie, save that excel spreadsheet you're working on and put it away. Destroy that calculator. Yes, even the abacus too. 76ers, 87ers? More like Seventy-Sixers, Eighty-Sevens.

What _DOES_ matter: letters and words. Allow me to demonstrate.

Lavoy Allen

Lonely Lava
Lovely Anal
Anal Volley

Well this is a weird start.

James Anderson

Ransomed Jeans
Jam On Dearness
So Jade Manners
Jade Man Sensor
Named Jar Noses
Armed Son Jeans
No Jeans Dreams
Jeers And Moans
Nerd Jam Season

Watch out for his Jade Man Sensor!

Vander Blue

Verbal Nude
Bed Unravel
Lubed Raven
Rave Bundle
Urban Delve

Tobias may be a never nude, but Vander is a verbal nude.

Kwame Brown

Men Bark Wow
Web Workman

Web workman? That has to be another name for a blogger. Come write for Liberty Ballers, Kwam.

Michael Carter-Williams

Smellier Calamari Witch
Archaic Watermill Slime
Caramel Wartimes Chilli
Satirical Whelm Claimer
Charismatic Mailer Well
Whimsical Llama Reciter
We Elicit Small Armchair

I don't know about you but that Caramel Wartimes Chili sounds awful good.

Spencer Hawes

Wheres Pecans
Scare Nephews
Speech Answer
Her New Spaces
See Craps When

She likes wide open spaces

Mac Koshwal

Mocha Walks
A Smack Howl

Mo-cha walks with me, with me

Gani Lawal

Again Wall

Darius Morris

Disarm Our Sir
Aids Mirror Us
Sad Iris Rumor
Sir Rums Radio

Arnett Moultrie

Mutton Retailer
Entreat Turmoil
Torture Ailment
Mutant Loiterer
Metal Urine Trot

Lots of good ones.

Nerlens Noel

No good ones! "Loners 'Lens" will have to do for now.

Tim Ohlbrecht

Hermit Blotch
Thimble Torch
Hot Trim Belch

Jason Richardson

wait who

Hollis Thompson

Shh Moonlit Slop
Shill Moth Spoon

Evan Turner

Urn Veteran
Rune Tavern
Vane Return
Never A Runt

Royce White

Chewier Toy
Erotic Whey
Or Witch Eye
Hi Toe We Cry

Rodney Williams

Lowly Meridians
Wiry Medallions
Rewind Loyalism
Ideally In Worms

Tony Wroten

Neon Two Try
Now To Entry
Twenty Or No
We Not No Try

Khalif Wyatt

Why Fatal Kit
Aw Half Kitty

Thaddeus Young

Unsteady Dough
Naughty Doused
Unto Shaded Guy
You Sadden Thug
Death Sound Guy
Gaudy Nude Host
Head Donuts Guy
Dodgy Tuna Hues

Sam Hinkie

Mini Shake
Main Sheik

Michael Levin

EVIL! Clean him

Dave Rueter

True Evader

Sean O'Connor

Neon Racoons

Tanner Steidel

Talented Siren

Roy Burton

Torn By Our

Rich Hofmann

Mach Fin Horn

Michael Baumann

Imbalance Human

Brandon Lee Gowton

Renowned Longboat

Justin F.

Just Fin

Jake Pavorsky

Javas Key Pork

Jake Fischer

Free Hijacks

Liberty Ballers

Terrible Ballsy


There you have it. Letters are important. Numbers aren't.

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