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20 Days: MCW's Diary

This 2013-14 Sixers season is sure to be one of equal struggle and comedy. To remember every moment of his adventurous rookie season, Michael Carter-Williams keeps a diary. Liberty Ballers has stumbled upon possession of his daily reflections.

Jamie McDonald

Sunday, October 6: We are the Champions!

Yo Diary! Considering we won our last game in Orlando and we just kicked the snot out of this Bilbao team, we’re on a two-game winning streak! Man, it felt great to get back out on the court, put on a good show for the fans and play an actual game. But not gonna lie, I was definitely a little annoyed. T-Wrote and ET kinda hogged the ball a bit, but I’m a rook. I gotta earn my passionate, intense and proud stripes. I dropped six dimes though, so you just can call me Magic.

We’re on the plane now heading to England, mate. I can’t wait to feel like the freaking Beatles.

Monday, October 7: Manchestah

England is the shit! We’ve had an awesome time in England so far, doing NBA Fan Zone. I thought we’d have a chance to see the royal baby, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. We’re really bonding. Like, I can’t stress enough how close we’ve all gotten. I’m as close with the guys on the team as Stephen A. Smith says he is with LeBron. But actually.

It’s cool to be playing OKC tomorrow, because they built their team the way we’re doing it now. #TogetherWeBuild. It definitely felt reassuring to hear KD say he knows how it feels to be in our shoes. Spencer cracks me up though, he said he’s our KD, Thad is like James Harden and Evan is like Russell Westbrook. Honestly, that’s better than Coach B comparing them to the Spurs’ Big 3. Ain’t now way Spencer is ever going to win four rings!

I need to crash before we take on the Thunder. I don’t know, man, I was feeling hot from beyond the arc during shoot around today.

Tuesday, October 8: So Close, But No Cigar

I told you I was making it rain! I drilled three treys, had 4 boards and 4 dimes. I honestly didn’t think I was going to play well though. I was so psyched out the minute I saw Gani and Serge Ibaka standing next to each other. Damn do they look a like!

We played the Thunder pretty tight, but unfortunately we came up just a few points short at the end of it. Reggie Jackson is for real, man. And KD is as good as advertised. He kept winking at me every time he’d score a bucket. I think that means we’re homies now, right?

Coach Brown was really intense in the huddle. He got on a lot of us for not being in good shape. He actually told Hollis he looked like Kwame out there! But at the end of the day, we all worked hard and scored 99 points. To all the media who said we wouldn’t be able to score 76 points, suck on that!

Wednesday, October 9: America, Here We Come

Sup, diary? We’re on the flight back to ‘Murica now. That’s what Spence calls it. I’m sitting next to coach Pierce. He’s snoring like Hagrid from Harry Potter, but he’s a cool dude, probably one of my favorite coaches for sure. He’s got a dope Twitter.

We’re getting back into practice tomorrow, I think. I’m definitely gonna try to get to Wawa before practice and get one of those Sizzli sandwiches. They get my mojo flowing.

On Friday, we’re heading down to Delaware to take on the Celtics at the Sevens’ crib AKA the home of Nerlens! I keep telling him he’s not good enough to make the big boy squad. He doesn’t think I’m kidding and he’s taking it as serious motivation, so I’m gonna keep busting his balls.

Glad to be headed home, I’m expecting a huge crowd on Friday. Maybe even bigger than the Final Four!


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