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Sixers Get Worked By Nets Reaction Thread

Although they hung around in the first half, the Sixers decided it'd be much more fun in the second half if they got shalacked by the Nets.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Work, work, work, the Nets are workin it. "It" clearly referencing the Sixers and any Sixer fan who decided to stick around for the second half of their return home from the annual 8-game road trip. By the reaction from the crowd and those all around the Twitterverse and game thread, it would probably have been more entertaining and satisfying to watch a double axel from Abu.

In case you weren't paying attention to the announcers or following on Twitter (in which it was said at least 45,000 times), Reginald Evans had more rebounds (23) towards the end of the 3rd quarter than the entire Sixers team had (22) at the time.

This team is hilarious. I think that's the only reaction I have as of right now. I'm not sure any other words can accurately describe my emotions about the Sixers in their current state. Get your dictionaries out and provide us with some others if you feel like wasting some time. REACT!

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