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Disney On Ice No More! Sixers Host Brooklyn Nets

Though I'd pay lots of money to see Andray Blatche ice skate.

Andray Blatche, point forward.
Andray Blatche, point forward.

Home is where the fart is. Tonight, the Sixers will be farting in the Wells Fargo Center for the first time since Eisenhower took office. The 8-game roadie did them no favors, finishing 2-6 with big wins at the Staples Center and the GRIZZLIEDOME (it should be called that, anyway), but they're back in Philly and oozing with bright spirits.

Brooklyn, meanwhile, has gone 5-1 since firing Avery Johnson and plopping in P.J. Carlesimo in his place. That's the best Carlesimo 6-game stretch since he put his chickens in the Sabonis basket. I really do like what the Nets have in place, and if Deron Williams's shooting normalizes like it should, I think they're a top 4 seed in the East. And I never particularly liked Avery ever since he claimed Andre Iguodala was a power forward (:|), so as long as Carlesimo just like, let's them play basketball, I think they'll be fine.

The Sixers claim to have grown as a team on the road trip despite the poor record, so I'm interested to see how they play tonight in their first game at the WFC since Liberty Ballers took over the nosebleeds. I haven't seen enough to think they'll win this game.

Nets win 99-89. Andray Blatche ice skates to Little Mermaid, the crowd goes wild. Check NetsDaily for more.

Philadelphia 76ers Tickets as low as $16. Sixers fever!

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