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Sixers Recall Arnett Moultrie from D-League to Re-Assume His Position on Bench

"Welcome back, Arnett! Your seat's still warm..."

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Breaking some D-League news per usual -- the Sixers will recall Arnett Moultrie from the Sioux Falls Skyforce now that their 8-game Disney On Ice road trip is completed. They had sent him off to the D-League just two days before the brutal roadie started. At the time, there was speculation that it was a result of the impending Andrew Bynum injury update. That turned out not to be the case, obviously.

The rationale for sending him certainly was Doug Collins wanting him to get some time on the court during the road trip. Now that they're home, he'll be able to practice with the team and, less likely, get some run with the Sixers.

Thanks to our boy Frank (phillyhoosfan), we've been kept abreast of Moultrie's performance in Sioux Falls. And aside from a garbage time alley-oop in last night's game, it hasn't been exemplary. In his seven games there, he shot 47% from the field and averaged 9.7 points and 6 boards per contest. He had four games where he pulled in less than 5 rebounds, and hasn't dominated like you hope NBA guys will when they get sent down.

With Jarvis Varnado, Dexter Pittman, and Hassan Whitside all there at times, limited success was to be expected, but this doesn't really disprove my previous belief that he's not very good. He's slow, out of shape, mediocre at defense, average on the glass, and lacking any tangible offensive skill. Despite all that, pretty much every Sixers fan would rather see him playing over Spencer Hawes and Kwame Brown. He seems like a case to me where he's got to take this offseason and really evaluate things, then come back a completely different player next year.

Considering the airline lost Arnett's luggage upon appearing in Sioux Falls, I'm sure he's pretty stoked to park his ass on the Sixers bench. Will Doug consider playing him in non-worthless times? Doubt it.

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