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Nick Young On Colors: "I Like Colors."

The only reason to follow the Sixers, Nick Young.

The Swag Is Strong
The Swag Is Strong
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We love Nick Young. He makes us happy. Sadly, it's highly probable that he won't grace us with his Swag next season, so like a fleeting relationship with your 7th grade crush at the end of summer camp, we're going to maximize the time we have with him. And thanks to Ben Golliver of The Point Forward at (and SBN's Blazers Edge, a fantastic site ran by great people), we've got more Swaggy Soundbites to present to you.

Ben asked five NBA players about some random questions, my favorite kind of questions, that are only tangentially related to their pro careers. The players are Nick Young (obvs), Jared Dudley, Will Barton (!), Chuck Hayes (?), and oh hey it's Andre Iguodala. Read all the Q&A's here but here's a taste from Nick answering a question on his favorite NBA jersey designs:

Oh, man, I like the Bulls’ Christmas jersey — all red, that was pretty dope. I like colors. Even though it was all bright, I kind of liked the orange Knicks [on Christmas]. I hope we get one of those old-school looks. I like OKC’s blue-and-white ones. Everybody’s got something different. We need to do something. We need some old school here. If I were designing it, it would be crazy.

Please submit your guesses as to what a SWAGGY SIXERS JERSEY would look like. Tanner's sneaker wisdom will be prioritized. And if you're being the early bird on Christmas, he'll take some Crayola's, please.

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