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Sixers Travel To Oklahoma City In Preparation For A Storm

The Philadelphia 76ers travel to Oklahoma City where they will brace for a Thunder-storm in Oklahoma City

Australian cricket's version of the Sixers versus the Thunder. The Sixer is the guy in pink.
Australian cricket's version of the Sixers versus the Thunder. The Sixer is the guy in pink.
Mark Nolan

The Philadelphia 76ers without Andrew Bynum are at best a mediocre enterprise. The Philadelphia 76ers just lost to the Phoenix Suns. The Philadelphia 76ers will play their third road game in four nights against the team currently with the NBA's best record. This should go swimmingly.

Not only are the Thunder winning, but they are doing it convincingly. They are tied with the Los Angeles Clippers with the highest average point differential in the NBA. There was talk by some in the mainstream media after they traded James Harden that the Thunder would miss him and they would be worse off than before. They may or may not miss him, but they certainly are not worse off than before.

The Thunder are a dangerous team on both sides of the ball. They run at a quick pace, are the top team in offensive rating, and are among the top 10 defensive rating. They are good. They are playing at home. The Sixers are not good. The Sixers are on the road. This presents a problem.

Despite their strong record, the Thunder did in fact lose their last game, and that loss was to the Brooklyn Nets, who beat them pretty well, 110-93. Even though the Thunder are coming off what some may consider a bit of a shock loss (and really, when you are as superior as the Thunder have been this season, almost all losses are shock losses), one game is hardly indicative of what is to come and the Thunder could in fact smash the Sixers tonight 100-75. In fact, this is actually quite a realistic possibility.

If you are looking for a reason to watch this, the Thunder are always very entertaining to watch. Kevin Durant can be an absolute magician and Russell Westbrook is Russell Westbrook. Westbrook should provide a very nice test for Jrue Holiday coming off his "pathetic" triple double against the Suns in a losing effort.

The Sixers played the Thunder once before this season at the Wells Fargo Center. The Sixers were somehow able to take the Thunder to overtime, although they ultimately fell 116-109 in the extra session. Kevin Durant led all scorers that game with 37 points.

To the bullet points, ahoy!

  • Damien Wilkins spent his first five NBA seasons with the SonicThunder. This will be just like that time LeBron James returned to Cleveland.
  • Of course, Thaddeus Young continues to be the lone overall bright spot in the Sixers abysmal front court that for some odd reason continues to see Spencer Hawes play every night. For goodness sake, at least Kwame Brown gets a few DNP - Coach's Decision every now and then.
  • On a dark and stormy night (and all other nights!), you can check out Welcome to Loud City for all your Oklahoma City Thunder coverage.
  • Move over sidewalk scalpers, you can buy Philadelphia 76ers Tickets right here!
My prediction is spelled out in the bullet points. What's yours? Leave your thoughts and predictions here and I will be back with you 30 minutes before tip-off with the game thread.

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