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Could Allen Iverson Work for Sixers After He Retires?

So many ideas for him.

Not a clue what's going on here.
Not a clue what's going on here.
Matthew Stockman

For many of us, Allen Iverson will always be the defining face of the Philadelphia 76ers. The enigma that is The Answer has his supporters and detractors in equal measure, but ultimately no one can really disagree that he's impacted the game immeasurably. And though his sad unretirement plan hasn't worked out well, it's good to see him think about life after basketball.

His manager Gary Moore said this after speaking with the Sixers brass this week.

Once he does do that, I want to ensure that Josh Harris and Adam Aron know how much Allen appreciates what Philadelphia has meant to him, what the NBA has meant to him," Moore said, "and to someday come back and be a consultant to them, to help them do certain things.

I have no idea in what respect Iverson would contribute to the organization. Could he consult with decision-making? Doubtful. He's never exactly had the brightest mind when it comes to basketball. I don't think of him as assistant coach material. The practice jokes would literally take up all their practice time. I think his role may ultimately fall to Face Of The Franchise and Public Relations Guy where he goes to events and shows his face to generate excitement.

He's already turned down a D-League stint with the Mavericks and he's got virtually no prospects of an NBA team bringing him in. But he's still trying, which I think is cool, even though it's a little sad. Once he retires for good, it won't really make a difference since he's been out of the league for so long. That's the sad part. But at least he's looking forward to something when he's not theoretically playing basketball.

Or maybe they'll sign him to another contract because they can't help themselves.

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