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Andrew Bynum Rumored to Return Before All-Star Break

Just come back with both knees, Drew.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I'd like to preface this by saying I don't really buy this. But at this point I'd write a story about which toothpaste Andrew Bynum uses if we got that information. So with that in mind, we heard from the Twitters of Bob Cooney and, later, Blog BFF John Mitchell that their sources are telling them Drew should actually return before the All-Star Break.

The last we'd heard of a timetable -- that saucy minx -- it was for a return after the ASB. That's what we heard from Andrew and that's what reports said the team was planning for, which was fine.

But would before the Break be better? I'm not sure. He still hasn't actually practiced with humans where gravity exists, which I've heard is important because most basketball games use gravity. I'd definitely like to see if he can move around with his teammates before saying OK he's coming back at this date.

I suppose there's a benefit to having him play one or two games before the break, then have time to heal and see how it reacts to the stress of playing a full basketball game. Obviously my fantasy would be for him to play 2-3 games in the D-League to ease himself back into game shape so he doesn't go too hard too fast.

My gut reaction to this news is to assume they're rushing him, but given that it's taken this long already, I think that's a baseless, Negadelphian worry. Hopefully they're seeing the progress everyone claims exists, and he'll be working against a defender before long. That'd be nice. But so help me God if Kwame Brown injures him in practice, I WILL END YOU. I WILL END YOU KWAME DON'T EVEN TEST ME. I DON'T CARE HOW GROSS YOUR FEET LOOK OR HOW GOOD YOU ARE AT COOKING OR ANY SPECIAL KARATE TRICKS YOU GOT BECAUSE I WILL END YOU HOT SHOT. GOT IT?!

I hope any Bynum publicity doesn't get in the way of our celebration of Jrue Holiday, All-Star. Because that man is a GeeDee saint. And as Michael Curry will tell you, they're gonna play together for a long, long time. Oh and if you're newish to LB, here's a clip of Jrue telling the world what his favorite Sixers blog is.

Oh and check out the ENTIRE Andrew Bynum knee injury storystream dating all the way back to October 10th.

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