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Sixers at Bucks Game Thread: ABC World Jrues Tonight With Brandon Jennings

Royal Ivey is starting. Jason Richardson remains in Philadelphia. Great googly moogly.

Game 42
Milwaukee Bucks (2007 - Pres)
January 22, 2013
BMO Harris Bradley Center
8:00 EST
Probable Starters
Royal Ivey PG Monta Ellis
Jrue Holiday SG Brandon Jennings
Evan Turner SF Ersan Ilyasova
Thaddeus Young PF Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
Lavoy Allen C Larry Sanders
2012/13 Advanced Stats
92.8 (25) Pace 96.5 (5)
99.2 (25) ORtg 99.1 (27)
103.1 (16) DRtg 100.4 (7)
Game Officials
Joe Crawford
Nick Buchert
Sean Corbin

Oh, sweetheart. It gets worse than that.

Let me tell you a story. I live in Wisconsin, and today, I walked between two buildings. I had just stepped outside when I felt something in my beard. I wiped away what turned out to be ice crystals, formed when water vapor from my breath condensed, then froze in the time it took to get from my nose to my upper lip. But anyway, even after I wiped away the icicles, there was enough time for another set to form before I went back in. I was outside for about two and a half minutes.

It's cold here, Shelly. Get used to it.

For the Milwaukee angle, see Brew Hoop.

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