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Final Score: Spurs Defeat Sixers 90-85, This Game Made No Sense - Immediate Reaction Thread

The Sixers had a chance to put the Spurs away despite falling behind early, but couldn't seal the deal.

These guys are pretty good.
These guys are pretty good.

This game turned out better than expected. I was fully expecting the Spurs to come in tonight and blow the Sixers out. It almost looked like that was going to happen early in the game.

Deadly was the combination of the Spurs good defense and the Sixers terrible offense in the first half. So many terrible long 2's were taken. At the end of the 2Q, the Sixers were 4-26 from shots outside of the paint. Not good.

After being down 49-35 at the half, the Sixers showed some resiliency and climbed back into the game with a 8-0 run to be down only 4. That run was short lived and the Spurs took back quickly took back control of the game. Another Sixers run late in the 3Q/early in the 4Q gave the Sixers a 7 point lead. It looked like the Sixers had a real chance of winning. The Sixers had multiple chances to extend the lead at that point but ended up turning the ball over or forcing bad shots instead. The Spurs climbed back and took the lead late to seal the deal.

Top performers from the Spurs were Tim Duncan (24 pts, 17 rebs), Tony Parker (20 pts, 8 asts), and Kawhi Leonard (16 pts, 7 rebs).

The Sixers were led by Evan Turner (18 pts, 12 rebs, 7 asts), Spencer Hawes (16 pts, 6 rebs), Jrue Holiday (15 pts, 8 asts) and Thaddeus Young (14 pts, 6 rebs).

Use this thread to express your immediate reactions to the game.

Full recap will be up tomorrow morning.


1 2 3 4 Total
San Antonio Spurs 25 24 22 19 90
Philadelphia 76ers 17 18 29 21 85

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