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Sixers vs. Raptors Overtime Final Score: 108-101, Jrue Holiday Awesome Thread

In a wild and crazy game, the Philadelphia Sixers forced overtime in the final seconds before Jrue Holiday simply took over in the overtime session to lead the Sixers to an incredible win.

Jrue already know
Jrue already know
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers were down. The Sixers were out. The Sixers came back. The Sixers were down again. The Sixers were out again. The Sixers came back again. And the Sixers triumphed. 108-101 in overtime.

In the third quarter, Kyle Lowry had a 3 rejected by Jason Richardson. The ball would somehow bounce its way back into Lowry's arms, who would chuck up a three as the shot clock expired that miraculously found its way through the hoop for a three point. It appeared as if though that shot would prove to be the difference of the game, but then the Sixers forced a turnover down 2 with 5.5 to go. Jrue then took the ball, drove to the hoop, and scored a game-tying basket to send the game to overtime. The magic of Kyle Lowry had been erased by the magic of Jrue Holiday, and nary a Sixers fan still had pants on.

The Sixers in overtime were carried by Jrue Holiday. He did everything. He was everywhere. Bow down to him, for you are not worthy.

Jrue Holiday led the Sixers and the game with 33 points on 23 shots.

Pour one out for our friends at Raptors HQ. We know how they feel.

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