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Sixers Sign Shelvin Mack, Maalik Wayns Gone

A passing of the meaningless torch, as it were.

Deep breaths, Shel.
Deep breaths, Shel.
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

It's trade rumor season! And you know what they say: In comes the Shelvin, out goes the Sheep. That's what they say. I know it is. With Maalik Wayns' 10-day contract lapsing into darkness, the Sixers opted to sign D-Leaguer and former Butler Bulldog Shelvin Mack to his first 10-day contract with the team.

I can conclusively say the Sixers now employ a basketball person named Shelvin. We have a direct quote from an irate Wayns in response to the Shelvin signing.

A Shelvin can do your income taxes, if you need a root canal, Shelvin's your man... but humpin' and pumpin' is not Shelvinn's strong suit. It's the name. 'Do it to me Shelvin, you're an animal Shelvin, ride me big Shel-vin.' Doesn't work.

Boy, he certainly is upset.

This provides some vindication for Justin F., who took some heat from Nova fans and Maalik Wayns himself for not being quite... ahem... optimistic in his player preview. Sheep didn't take his success from the preseason (going to the basket, pushing it in transition) and translate it to the games that count. He settled, he was out of control, and I don't think I saw him actually play defense once.

With Shelvin "Storage" Mack, you've got a guy who finds himself in the Mateen Cleaves Memorial "Little Chubby Point Guard" which also shelters gentlemen like Khalid El-Amin, Sherron Collins, Raymond Felton, and Temple product Khalif Wyatt, among others.

He's performed admirably for the Maine Red Claws (unlike our other D-League fellow, Arnett Moultrie), averaging 20/8/5 on percentages of 46/42/90. That's certainly production. Derek wrote about Shelv-O for DX before the draft. I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing him play here. I'm optimistic Storage can give us some moderate backup point guard production.

Or at the very least, comic relief.

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