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Andrew Bynum Update: Stationary Bike, Practice Jersey, Not a Fake Dead Girlfriend

Proof positive that he exists.

Looking like a member of New Edition.
Looking like a member of New Edition.
USA Today Images

Lost amid a mass of sports insanity on a Wednesday in January, we've got some more Tom Moore paparazzi video of Andrew Bynum not not existing. Double negatives aside, he's riding a bike, and he looks to have both of his legs. Soon he'll be ready for the Ocean City boardwalk where he'll buy fudge for all of us.

I love how he smiles like his New Year's resolution was to work out more. Sort of an exasperated "oh yeah I'm totally enjoying this, this is my new lifestyle" thing. But as soon as the assistant coaches walk away, dude is getting off the bike and grabbing a Twix bar. Screw saving the other one for later -- he's eating both.

What's more interesting is assistant coach Brian James on the elliptical behind him. He felt like getting his swell on while Andrew's on the bike? You're on company time, pal. Move your arms and legs to no avail after you punch out.

Can't help myself: the Manti Te'o insanity is a high-powered industrial-sized fan blowing me into traffic and fires repeatedly. Wild. Also use this thread to guess which of the ten LB writers isn't real.

This continues to be increasingly great news for a team struggling mightily and a coach having to deal with John Mitchell. Now that the Sixers are terrible, it's Bynum updates that are the rays of sunshine instead of freezing rain in their trousers. How the tables have turned.

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