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Hornets Beat 76ers 111-99 Reaction Thread

Good effort by Swaggy though!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Sixers really didn't play well at all tonight. We'll get into that later, but the New Orleans Hornets simply played a much, much better game. Not much else to say.

For the Sixers, two players stood during different parts of the game. Jrue Holiday did absolutely everything on the offensive end in the first half, scoring efficiently and setting everyone else up. And then Nick Young had one of those crazy Swaggy outbursts that he's good for about twice a season. Yeah, the shots were crazy and not sustainable, but Swaggy ignited the crowd and got the Sixers into striking distance when they really shouldn't have been. 12 minutes, 14 points, 6-9 field goals. Nice work by The Swagster.

Through no fault of Swaggy's, threatening to win just couldn't have happened, because with the exception of about six minutes, the Sixers didn't guard the Hornets all game. They got whatever they wanted and then made the open shots they were creating. Give them credit, their execution was really good. Greivis Vasquez (23 points) and Eric Gordon (19) led the way for them. Oh, and Anthony Davis showed in the 1st Half why he's going to be an all star for years to come.

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