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Jrue Holiday Claims Evan Turner is Sixers Go-To Guy

This is pretty surprising.

My favorite picture ever.
My favorite picture ever.

The universe seems pretty divided on Evan Turner. He's great. He's terrible. He's fantastic. He's inefficient. He's the worst. He's a sea turtle. Well, you can add "Go-To Guy" to that list if you ask a certain point guard named Jrue Holiday.

If you missed it earlier, there was a fantastic Evan Turner article from SB Nation's James Herbert that ran this morning. In speaking with Evan and other players around the league, Herbert's piece holds ET in high regard. It was a refreshing read after seeing him struggle mightily the past few weeks. The quote that didn't make the article, however, may be the most telling. And it's from Jrue.

I think when it comes down to it, he might be our go-to guy. We know what he’s done in college, we know his resume, we know he can score. Right now, I’m just kind of holding that title until Evan comes around.

Wow. That is extremely interesting. First, how awesome is Jrue Holiday? Love that dude. Second, he could be full of crap. He could be saying it because he knows how mental Evan can be. But it sounds like he really believes Evan will be the best player on the team and he'll step into more of a facilitator role. Jrue's seen him play a lot more than we have, so maybe he knows something we don't.

Evan has to get better. It's not the Big Ten. He has to be smarter about picking his spots. But if we believe Jrue -- and I do, on everything from UGGs to Fruity Pebbles -- then I will continue to shepherd my Evan Turner sheep onto this bandwagon. I've always maintained that Evan is going to be one of the most unique players we'll see play basketball.

He's not done getting better yet.

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