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Sixers Are Bad But It's Okay: LB Google Hangout

Mike and Rich take to the internet to save themselves from the Sixers' reckoning. Or something.

This started out as a recap of last night's unadjectivable loss to the pretty terrible Toronto Raptors. It turned into something better than any sort of angry or melodramatic recap I would've written immediately after the fact. Thanks to Rich for calming me down with logic and reason and facial hair.

It's a rough, rough time for Sixers fans, but compared to everything Sacramento is going through, we have to consider ourselves grateful to live in a bigger market with owners that really care about the team.

And that's the rocky hard place I found myself in after the Toronto game. It's so unbearably frustrating to have the Sixers do exactly what I wanted them to do in August only to see them struggling so mightily now. There's nobody to blame and everyone to blame at the same time. This lends itself to some occasionally irrational thoughts.

But taking a step back... and breathing... and breathing with regularity, actually... helps to put things in perspective. The team was built to play around Andrew Bynum. And whether or not Doug Collins is the right coach isn't that important right now. All we can do is wait and breathe and hope Drew continues to recover.

Because you know nobody wants to face Andrew Bynum in the playoffs, regardless of how geriatric his knees will have become.

Watch the video above and, once you sift through all the crap, I hope you'll find some peace with the Sixers for the moment. We're close, guys. We're close.


Final note: why is it that everyone I Hangout with has books in the background? As if they need more evidence as to their superior intelligence? When I do this with Tanner, he better get his Matt Christopher books ready.

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