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Sixers vs. Lakers Game Thread: Two Minutes' Hate

Dwight Howard? Kobe Bryant? Metta World Peace? I sense a cathartic spewing of vitriol that would make Emmanuel Goldstein blanch.

Game 32
Los Angeles Lakers (2002 - Pres)
January 1, 2013
Staples Center
10:30 EST
Probable Starters
Steve Nash PG Jrue Holiday
Darius Morris SG Evan Turner
Kobe Bryant SF Dorell Wright
Pau Gasol PF Thaddeus Young
Dwight Howard C Lavoy Allen
2012/13 Advanced Stats
95.8 (7) Pace 92.4 (27)
106.6 (5) ORtg 99.3 (23)
102.1 (14) DRtg 101.6 (13)
Game Officials
Jason Phillips
Olandis Poole
Leon Wood

Lakers-based coverage can be found at Silver Screen and Roll.

Here's some belated Christmas music for you Metta World Peace fans:

You're a mean one, Ron Artest.
You chose a stupid name.
You're a senseless, noisy nuisance and you play a senseless game,
Ron Ar-teeeeest.

You're a foul one, Ron Artest.
You made me turn to pills.
You make me want to punch someone, just like in Auburn Hills,
Ron Ar-teeeest.

You're a rotter, Ron Artest.
Your heart's an empty hole.
To avoid having to watch you, I would tongue-bathe Pau Gasol,
Ron Ar-teeeeest.

You've managed to be the most enragingly despicable character on a team with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. And given the choice between the three of you, I'd take a seasick crocodile.

You nauseate me, Ron Artest.
With a nauseous super "naus."
You smell like a rotting onion and you make me very cross,
Ron Ar-teeeest.

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