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23 Days Until Sixers: Thank You, Hysterical Vegas Odds

Las Vegas has given us free money by way of the Sixers.

#HOOPIDEA: Sixers as horses
#HOOPIDEA: Sixers as horses

Dear children, there is a thing called Las Vegas and sometimes you can take money from it when they're being silly. Rarely do they just offer to give their money away, but such is the case according to the sports book opening a few days ago. The linemakers in all of their wisdom have the Sixers down at a pay-off-all-your-student-loans 16.5 wins for the season. Here Comes The Money, indeed.

We of the Ballers' Liberty will have our season predictions in the week leading up to the season, but for now, let's just say I'm going heavy coinage on the under on this one. Our boys just barely beat Bilbao Basket. They're not winning 16.5 games. Also, I don't think you get half a win for keeping it close enough. Stupid sexy Vegas.

Winning less than 16 games would be their losingest (2013-14 Sixers Season Buzzword Alert) season since the vaunted 9-73 team. Next closest is the '95-'96 team led by Stack, Spoon, and Vrnan Maxwall that finished 18-64 under John Lucas. That team was infinitely more talented. I mean look at us. We're excited about James Anderson starting at the two. This is more than we could've dreamt for.

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND: Sam Hinkie, Brett Brown, and ooooh look at those 46 free throw attempts and maybe the Sixers won't be as bad as we assume. Maybe they'll win the Atlantic Division. And maybe with those 500-1 odds, you'll throw a $20 down and patiently wait to cash in your $10,000. If I can muster up the energy, I may go $100 on under 16.5 and a goofy $20 on winning the division. Gotta get up to get down, I guess.

Please don't gamble too much. Vegas is a scary place where money disappears like leftover cheesesteaks.

Only 23 days left. Holy crap I have to like do shit for this, don't I?

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