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16 Days Until Sixers: Because It Won't Be Like This For Long

Featuring a Darius Rucker song that makes me cry like 60% of the time about a franchise that makes me cry 88%.

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The Sixers begin their 82-game jaunt into history in 16 days, and I'm here to tell you why you should care. We've already given you plenty of reasons, but this one's different. Sam Hinkie's Sixers are going to be horrible this season, we know. But for how long after?

I'm here to digitally tell you -- not that long.

Sam Hinkie has four lottery picks in the two drafts we're currently sandwiched by. If we trust him (and we do), he'll hit on at least three of them. The Sixers will have a Top 4 pick in next year's loaded class and anywhere from 6-16 with the Pelicans pick via Jrue Holiday. And there's certainly reason to believe Hinkie will acquire more picks before next June.

Our Sixers, after crawling to the season's finish line like the Cousins Salamanca, will have a boon of talent infused into the '14-'15 roster. But they'll also have cap space. Tons and tons of cap space as far as the eye can see. With a crafty wielder of organizational assets like Sam Hinkie, a San Antonio assistant in Brett Brown that simply does not understand the concept of losing, and an ownership group that gives a shit, the Sixers won't be sitting on their hands for six seasons waiting to win the Cap Space Medal of Honor. You don't contend for championships by having cap space. You do it by using the cap space. And not on a MLE for Drew Gooden.

Sometime before or during the '14-'15 season, the Sixers will surprise everyone with a big move. They will pair that Big Move with their recently-drafted franchise player, in addition to holdovers Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams. They will suddenly not be The Sixers... anymore.

Losing is transitory. The Oklahoma City Thunder (née Supersonics) drafted Kevin Durant and lost 62 games. Next year, they drafted Russell Westbrook, lost 59 games and hired Scott Brooks midseason. Then, drafted James Harden and won 50. The Sixers do not have any player of that caliber yet.


Losing is transitory. Playoffs in two years. Contender in three.

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