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It's All About The Bynum(s?), But Who Else?

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Maalik Wayns, not pictured.
Maalik Wayns, not pictured.

The 2012-13 Philadelphia 76ers will be a very different basketball team than last year as they're only retaining five players from the overachievers of 2011-12. The biggest addition (LITERALLY! LITERALLY THOUGH. LIKE LITERALLY LITERALLY) is Andrew Bynum (literally.), who has already made the Sixers infinitely more exciting than any team since Iverson 1.0.

But there's a bunch of other newbs coming in, and they shouldn't all get Jason Richardsonned to the side of the podium at once. So who are you most excited about?

For me it's Dorell Wright. I've pined for him for a few years now and I think he's the absolute perfect fit next to Evan Turner in the starting lineup. If ET can take the gigantic leap we want him to, Dorell is a guy who could start next to him for a bunch of years while this team contends. I can't wait for this to happen.

Sadly, Moe Harkless did not make this list. Neither did Sheep Wayns or Finesse Watkins. Make a case for them in the comments.